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Basic Makeup

makeupParents often ask me what stage make up is for, and why they have to use it, even on boys.

The reason for wearing stage makeup is simple: the audience needs to be able to see the actors’ faces. If they don’t wear makeup, the audience cannot see your child’s face due to the distance between the performer and the audience, as well as stage lighting at the theatre which flattens facial features and takes away all of the dimensions that allow an actor’s expressions to be seen clearly.

Performance makeup us also part of the costume, it’s the finishing touch.  If you were attending the Oscars, wearing a long evening gown, with your hair in an up-do, and your brand new pair of high heel shoes and then put NOTHING on your face, you would look like you were missing something.  Your face would be overshadowed by your outfit and would look drab.  We NEVER want our costume to overshadow our face.  EVER!  


Base/Foundation (same shade or just slightly darker than child’s skin
tone)—Apply over entire face, blending out to hairline.

Darken eyebrows with eyebrow pencil—Brown for blondes; black or
brown for brunettes

Brown eye shadow—Apply in “crease” of eyelid to open eye. Please
choose dark browns with no purple undertones*.

Brown eye liner—On top of eye: apply liner across eyelid, extending out
beyond eye (wings). On bottom: apply from center of eye straight out to make
a parallel line with upper “wing”.

Dark blush—Apply to apples of cheeks. Dark rose (girls). Dark peach (boys).
NO purple undertones*.

Lipstick— Dark rose for girls playing females. Do not buy a lipstick that looks bright red; it will look unattractively bright and pink on the lips. For Boys and Girls playing male characters: Buy mocha/brown lipstick.

For juniors upwards (and minis who would like to try)- False eyelashes (small  or half-size)

*Makeup with purple and blue undertones causes the face to look ill on stage.


Orange You Glad You Read This Post


I’ve always loved the colour orange, and discovered Jessica’s blog a few years ago.  I love her fabric designs, and her support of a colour which (up until this year’s trend setters), was not very popular!  I have even posted some of my items in her flickr pool of orangy goodness, but I hadn’t realized how much she has influenced me until last week.

Our local youth theatre group is currently rehearsing for a production of “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” and I’m responsible for coordinating the costumes.  The Lambchop family will all be featuring orange prominently in their costumes (no one else in the entire play wears this colour so that it stands out), and when I was chatting with the set designer about a colour for the kitchen tablecloth, all I could think of was “How About Orange”.

If you’re wondering about the shoes, all the “cool kids” in the show will be wearing them in different colours.  I may have to get myself a pair of orange ones now.

Better Than The Grammies!

This weekend I had the privilege of working with our local youth theatre group to put on the musical “Oliver”.  In 15 rehearsals a show was learned, memorized, blocked and choreographed…an amazing feat in itself.  My children and I have been involved with this group for 5 years now, and every year I am in awe of what this group of young people, aged 4-14 can achieve.  This year was particularly sweet for me because I coordinated the costumes for 2 shows, each with a cast of around 50 kids. (Below are some of my workhouse kids, in karate gis teastained for the production).


Since September I have enjoyed getting to know both casts and so during the performances I was proud not only of my offspring, but every one of those children on stage. I’m glad it was dark backstage so they couldn’t catch me blubbing.

Last night’s Grammy ceremonies may be celebrated around the world, but these kids deserve all the awards.