Young Anna

  • White old fashioned nightdress. Add wide (2″-3″) green satin ribbon sash around the waist
  • black tank top or bodice (large enough to wear on top of the nightdress). May have some embellishments added by MYTP so must be an item that can be altered.
  • Solid or opaque white tights
  • If your hair is brown/red and long enough to braid, you can put your hair in two braids, otherwise you will have to provide a wig.
    MYTP will be providing a skirt to go over the nightdress. There may be a rental fee for this item.

For the Oaken family scenes:

  • Add a cozy woollen sweater or coat or jacket or shawl; cream, brown, orange, green (can have a mix of these colours).
  • Add one or more of woollen hat, scarves, gloves. Stay in same colour pallet; oranges, browns, tans, creams, beiges, green.
  • Add long skirtĀ  or apron (see costume for townsperson for colours) to cover up most of nightgown.
  • Change to black tights if time (director to confirm).