Aladdin Jr

After just finishing a musical set in the present day, I’m excited to costume a show set in the magical world of Agrabah. We imagine the costumes for this show to be bright and colourful, so have fun putting together your outfits.

There are a lot of characters who are wearing harem pants as part of their costumes. We have found that the kids sizes run small, so check out the sizing guide when ordering, and maybe order one or two sizes larger just to be safe. I have provided links to kids and adult sizes on the relevant costume pages.

We have included online links to help you purchase these items, but don’t forget that thrift stores often have the clothing you’re looking for, especially if the colours we are asking you to find are not this season’s colours! Salvation Army in Milton is a great resource, as is the Value Village on Dundas at Winston Churchill.

As I mentioned, we have included links to costumes. Some parents have told us that the links are not always as visible when they’re using a mobile device, so please double check everything on your desktop.

If you’re a female playing a male character, you may be required to wear a wig. This will be mentioned in the notes for your specific character, so please look for that. Also, make sure your footwear is something a boy/man is likely to wear (no wedges/heels please!)

Remember no Logos on any clothing please.


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