Agrabahns (ensemble) / Storekeeper

Agrabahns and ensemble are the same characters. Only one costume is required.


For our Agrabahn ensemble, we would like to see a bright, vibrant colourful marketplace, with lots of loose, flowing clothing.  Mix up tops and bottoms of your costume (i.e. don’t come in all of one colour). Any combination of the following colours is great: coral, fuschia, pink, turquoise, sky blue, teal, mint, lemon, sunflower, lilac, peach, orange, wine, brown*, tan*, olive*, navy blue*, coffee*.

Solid colours or small patterns preferred (no stripes), and NO GREEN, PURPLE, RED, BLACK or WHITE (updated).

* Must be combined with a bright colour (e.g. if wear brown harem pants/skirt you must wear a bright shirt)

Male characters:

  • Harem pants (see below for links)
  • Long sleeved collarless shirt in any of the colours above. Collarless shirts include kurtas, henleys, or you could buy a colourful dress shirt from a thrift store and cut the collar off. Bright t-shirts are ok as long as they are slightly oversized and you add a colourful stripy vest or sash.
    Be prepared to shop in the girls’/womens’ sections to find the required colours.
  • Brown sandals

Female characters:

  • Long (calf-length or longer) flowing “peasant” skirt (maxi-skirt). Depending on size, you could buy a woman’s shorter one – it will be the right length on a girl. As long as it’s calf-length or longer. This is a link to a “one size” fits all peasant skirt to give you an idea of what we mean.
  • Update:  Here’s a skirt that would work. You could also buy it in white and dye it if you would like a different colour.
  •  peasant blouse in any of the colours above. Add a colourful scarf around your hips, and/or a headscarf too. Please NO coins on scarves as they will be noisy onstage.
  • Brown flat sandals or flat sandals in the same colour(s) as your costume.

Kids size harem pants
teen/adult size harem pants