Hidden Children – Morris Dancers

** Please make sure you read the general notes about costumes here

Costume #1 (Morris Dancer)

  • white sweat pants 
  • white button up shirt
  • black leather belt
  • black lace up dress shoes (or black jazz shoes)
  • MYTP will be providing part of this costume for a small fee.

Costume #2 (Hidden Children)

  • raggedy clothing.
  • grey, brown or black pants NOT leggings (unless you are wearing a dress on top)
  • grey, brown or black dress shirts or long sleeved t-shirts – no logos
  • you can wear skirts and dresses as long as they are dull and raggedy.
  • You can add some clothing on top of the button up shirt, but replace the sweatpants and socks, as these will look too clean and neat.
  • add scarves and hats in same colours