Mini Stars

** Please make sure you read the general notes about costumes here

Costume #1 (star chorus and hidden children)
Solid black sweatpants, dress pants or leggings with NO LOGOS
Solid black crewneck sweatshirt or long sleeved t-shirt with NO LOGOS
black woollen or fleece gloves
black socks
black jazz shoes or ballet shoes

Costume #2 (Fairgoers)
Replace the sweatshirt/long sleeved t-shirt with :

Boys: button up shirt* (long or short sleeved) in pastel colours; blue, aqua, mint, yellow, green. NO PURPLE OR RED. Add bow tie and/or suspenders.

Girls: pretty flowery summer blouse or dress (girls). Pastel colours; blue, pink, aqua, mint, peach, yellow, green. NO PURPLE OR RED. Add matching ribbons for hair.

** Part of the mini stars costume will be provided by MYTP. There will be a fee for this.