Lord Scrumptious/Fair Announcer/Child Catcher

** Please make sure you read the general notes about costumes here

Costume #1 (Lord Scrumptious)

  • black dress pants and black jacket (or suit) – NOT skinny pants!! Please buy a size or two larger so they are loose/baggy.
  • white button up shirt
  • candy striped tie and matching pocket square
  • black socks
  • black lace up dress shoes (or black jazz shoes)

Costume #2 (Fair Announcer)

  • replace the black jacket with either a red tail coat OR
  • a colourful vest (roll up sleeves)
  • remove tie – replace with yellow, green or orange bandana tied round neck

** this costume to be more vibrant and colourful than #1

Costume #3 (Child Catcher)

Your interpretation of a clown costume – NOT scary/Pennywise (from IT). You can come up with an entirely different costume if you wish, or you could combine black jacket & pants, white shirt (from costume 1) with colourful vest from costume 2 and add black bowler hat, clown wig and red facepaint to make clown nose.