Orange You Glad You Read This Post


I’ve always loved the colour orange, and discovered Jessica’s blog a few years ago.  I love her fabric designs, and her support of a colour which (up until this year’s trend setters), was not very popular!  I have even posted some of my items in her flickr pool of orangy goodness, but I hadn’t realized how much she has influenced me until last week.

Our local youth theatre group is currently rehearsing for a production of “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” and I’m responsible for coordinating the costumes.  The Lambchop family will all be featuring orange prominently in their costumes (no one else in the entire play wears this colour so that it stands out), and when I was chatting with the set designer about a colour for the kitchen tablecloth, all I could think of was “How About Orange”.

If you’re wondering about the shoes, all the “cool kids” in the show will be wearing them in different colours.  I may have to get myself a pair of orange ones now.

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