Miss Philips / Toymaker

** Please make sure you read the general notes about costumes here

Costume #1 (Miss Philips)

  • colourful polka dotted blouse – green or yellow
  • green A-line skirt or pinafore dress/jumper
  • colourful tights – yellow or green (NOT RED OR PURPLE)
  •  black jazz or ballet shoes

For the “Townspeople” scenes, this is the costume you should wear.

Costume #2 (Toymaker)

  • Take costume #1 and add on to it to make it more bright and colourful
  • Wig – this could be an old lady wig or colourful one, depending on how you are playing this character.
  • Add old lady glasses or colourful glasses on bead necklace
  • Add colourful cardigan or scarf
    • bright apron – orange, green, yellow  (NOT RED OR PURPLE)
  • you can add colourful shoes if you have them.