Hair and Makeup


You are expected to arrive with your makeup already applied (read here for details), and hair ready in the styles described below. Our volunteers have limited time and are there to supply the extra makeup required for specific characters. They will not have time to do your hair or basic makeup. 

Basic Stage Make-up consists of foundation, blush, mascara(optional fake lashes or eyeliner), lipstick(nothing too bold). Some will have additional make-up applied at the theatre but we ask that everyone come prepared with the basic. All members should have their own supply of bobby pins, safety pins, elastics etc. just in case something happens and in need.


REMEMBER to bring bobby pins, safety pins, spare hair elastics, hair spray/gel.

IF your character requires a wig (information was included as part of your costume) – come to theatre with your hair back, gelled and flat to head and we will help.
Don’t forget bobby pins and a wig cap

Unless you have a specific hairstyle described in the costume information, your hair should be styled in one of the following:

Gel back, tied in a pony, braids, French braids, braided bun(traditional Nordic look).

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