Hair and Makeup


You are expected to arrive with your makeup already applied (see below for details), and hair ready in the styles described below. Our volunteers have limited time and are there to supply the extra makeup required for specific characters. They will not have time to do your hair or basic makeup. 

All Lion King Characters – please come with BASIC makeup applied.  Click here to read a description of what we call basic makeup.

Remove nail polish and earrings (if you can’t remove them then use a small piece of bandaid to cover them up). This includes nail polish on your toes – unless you are wearing shoes or socks for your role.

Lionesses, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, Young Nala
in addition to basic makeup, black false eyelashes, and black eyeliner wings


REMEMBER to bring bobby pins, safety pins, spare hair elastics, hair spray/gel.

Young Nala
2 “scary spice” buns on top of head

Bun on top of your head, so your hair will fit inside the giraffe head piece.

Banzai, Shenzi, Ed
Very important that you bring bobby pins (silver if you can find them)….they are required to hold your hood on your head.

All other characters:

Girls:French braids or low bun.  Use bobby pins and/or hair spray to keep any loose hair off your face.

Boys: should have hair gelled back off your face










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