Hair and Makeup


You are expected to arrive with your makeup already applied (read here for details), and hair ready in the styles described below. 

Basic Make-up: With the restrictions and changes that we have experienced this season, this year, we will be wearing masks during our performance! This means that you need to focus on your eyes/eyebrows when applying your base make-up. Mascara (optional fake eyelashes or eyeliner) is mandatory; making sure your upper facial features are enhanced.

Hair: Brushed and fully off face (tied in a pony, gel back, braids, half up/half down, etc), with wig on if required. If you are wearing a wig and are unsure of how to wear it, you can bring it with you to your last class with your hair fully back, gel/pin down, flat to head and we will give you instructions on how to wear it securely.

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