Theatre Mum is a website created by Andrea, the costume coordinator for MYTP, better known as “The Costume Lady”.

Things  you may (or may not know) about me:

  • I love really bad puns
  • My favourite season is Autumn
  • I’m proud of being English, but love Canada, Canadians, and living in Canada
  • I love to bake, especially Bundt cakes
  • I would like to have lived in the roaring twenties (but only if I was rich)
  • I notice when shoes are not “right” in a theatre production, but struggle to choose the right ones for our plays
  • I have a soft spot for Rogers and Hammerstein musicals
  • I’m a cat person, but am gradually changing into a dog person
  •  I prefer costuming kids over adults (although I wouldn’t turn down an adult production of Wicked)
  • I love Dr Pepper, but only drink it during show week


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