Theatre Mum is a website created by Andrea, the costume coordinator for MYTP, better known as “The Costume Lady”.

Things  you may (or may not know) about me:

  • I love really bad puns
  • My favourite season is Autumn
  • I’m proud of being English, but love Canada, Canadians, and living in Canada
  • I love to bake, especially Bundt cakes
  • I would like to have lived in the roaring twenties (but only if I was rich)
  • I notice when shoes are not “right” in a theatre production, but struggle to choose the right ones for our plays
  • I have a soft spot for Rogers and Hammerstein musicals
  • I’m a cat person, but am gradually changing into a dog person
  •  I prefer costuming kids over adults (although I wouldn’t turn down an adult production of Wicked)
  • I love Dr Pepper, but only drink it during show week


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Good on you and thanks for taking on the task of costume queen for the production and helping out the kids and the rest of us Moms.

  2. Hello,
    My daughter is playing Omar. Does the yellow shirt have to be long sleeves or is a T-shirt ok? Also, is there a certain colour that her wig has to be?

    1. long sleeves is preferred, but t-shirt is ok, as long as it’s oversized/a bit baggy so that it’s more flowy and loose than usual. Dark brown or black would be best for wig colour. If you click on the word “wig” on the website it takes you to a link for one sort of wig – there are other similar ones at Amazing.ca too.

  3. Hello
    I’ve ordered a Kurta and harem pants for my daughter Mia (thank God for amazon prime) does the shirt for the blue harem pants have to be long sleeved??

    PS disregard Mia’s question about the white jeans since we’ve gone with a Kurta

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