Frozen Jr

Do you want to build a snowman? Welcome to the chilly North! The costumes for this musical are inspired by 19th Century Norway; we have combined costumes that you will be familiar with from the movie along with some traditional clothing ideas, and can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Links to individual costume requirements are found by clicking on the Costume tab and scrolling down to your character.

If you would like to see some of my inspiration, including images of traditional clothing, then check out my pinterest page.

I  have included some online links to help you purchase these items. These are so that you have a good idea of what I mean for the colour/costume item, but don’t forget to check out thrift stores too.  They very often have the clothing you’re looking for, especially if the colours we are asking you to find are not this season’s colours!

Remember to look in other sections of the thrift store – you might be able to find the exact shade of blue for Han’s shirt or vest in the women’s section, and it might even fit you better.

Same goes for skirts. A women’s knee length skirt could be the perfect calf-length/long skirt on a girl. You  may have to pin it at the waist, or add some elastic, so please do some out of the box searching!

Salvation Army in Milton is a great resource, as is the Value Village on Dundas at Winston Churchill.

Some parents have told us that the links are not always as visible when they’re using a mobile device, so please double check everything on your desktop.

If you’re a female playing a male character, you will probably be required to wear a wig, unless you are wearing a hat throughout the show. This will be mentioned in the notes for your specific character, so please look for that.

Also, if there are no specific notes for footwear for your costume then you are expected to wear the black jazz shoes or black ballet shoes you have been wearing for rehearsals.

Remember no Logos on any clothing please.


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