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Better Than The Grammies!

This weekend I had the privilege of working with our local youth theatre group to put on the musical “Oliver”.  In 15 rehearsals a show was learned, memorized, blocked and choreographed…an amazing feat in itself.  My children and I have been involved with this group for 5 years now, and every year I am in awe of what this group of young people, aged 4-14 can achieve.  This year was particularly sweet for me because I coordinated the costumes for 2 shows, each with a cast of around 50 kids. (Below are some of my workhouse kids, in karate gis teastained for the production).


Since September I have enjoyed getting to know both casts and so during the performances I was proud not only of my offspring, but every one of those children on stage. I’m glad it was dark backstage so they couldn’t catch me blubbing.

Last night’s Grammy ceremonies may be celebrated around the world, but these kids deserve all the awards.


“Everybody Wants to Be A Cat”

Since the Toronto One of A Kind I have been working on making dresses for a large (for me) wholesale order, and on the following list:

10 pairs of goose (geese) feet (that’s 20 feet if you’re counting!)
5 pairs of frilly bloomers for goslings (with the help of this tutorial, thanks Miss Chris)
5 mop caps for goslings
3 full stretch velour cat-suits (it was supposed to be only 2, but let’s just say that I’ve never worked with velour before and the sizing was not quite right for one of them!)
2 zoot suits for 2 Hep Cats
1 cravat/ascot for a spiffy (and sneaky) butler
1 poodle skirt with a twist
various costume sizing adjustments.

The dress rehearsal is this afternoon, show goes on tonight….2 months of hard work for less than 2 hours of performance…but I’ll be doing it again next year!