“Everybody Wants to Be A Cat”

Since the Toronto One of A Kind I have been working on making dresses for a large (for me) wholesale order, and on the following list:

10 pairs of goose (geese) feet (that’s 20 feet if you’re counting!)
5 pairs of frilly bloomers for goslings (with the help of this tutorial, thanks Miss Chris)
5 mop caps for goslings
3 full stretch velour cat-suits (it was supposed to be only 2, but let’s just say that I’ve never worked with velour before and the sizing was not quite right for one of them!)
2 zoot suits for 2 Hep Cats
1 cravat/ascot for a spiffy (and sneaky) butler
1 poodle skirt with a twist
various costume sizing adjustments.

The dress rehearsal is this afternoon, show goes on tonight….2 months of hard work for less than 2 hours of performance…but I’ll be doing it again next year!


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