Jocks (including Chad & Zeke)

We have separated the cliques by costume and colour, to make the show more visually interesting. It is therefore extremely important that you stick to the colour grouping assigned to your clique. If you choose clothing that is not the correct colour, you will be asked to replace it with something else. 

We are purchasing basketball uniforms for all the jocks. There will be a fee for this and you will be measured at theatre for sizing. You will be able to keep this uniform at the end of the show. You also need to provide the following items:

  • White sports socks
  • White (or mostly white) sneakers.
  • At least one of the following items which must be red, black or white:
    trackpants, sweatpants, joggers, hoodie, sweatshirt or tracksuit top
  • One additional costume piece that would be worn by a character from one of the other groups. This item must be red. For example you could add a red flannel shirt (skater dudes), red fedora (thespians) or red suspenders (brainiacs). You will be told by the director when to wear this additional piece.

** NO IDENTIFYING TEAM LOGO/INSIGNIA (but small sports clothing logos such as nike/adidas are acceptable)


May also add compression socks/compression sleeves/wristband/headband (red, black or white), backpacks, sports accessories (check with director).

Any females with long hair playing Chad or Zeke need to wear a short-hair male wig like one of these: