Fortune Teller

Male characters:

  • Black harem pants (see below for links) and a purple long sleeved shirt.
  • Add a colourful/stripy vest and or sash. brown or black sandals.
  • headscarf (worn like a pirate) or turban

Female characters:

fortune teller

  • Long flowing “peasant” skirt and peasant blouse in mixed shades of lavender/lil
    ac/purple. Try to find different shades of for the top and bottom, and make sure they’re bright! Solid colours or small patterns preferred (no stripes).
  • Brown sandals.
  • headscarf (with coins if you like)
  • colourful scarf worn around your hips
  • vest or wide belt/corset (optional)
  •  Brown or black flat sandals

Kids size harem pants
teen/adult size harem pants