The Beggars are styled like the Agrabahn ensemble, but as they’re down on their luck, their colours are browns, beiges, tans, dark grey, etc. Muddy colours, as they have been living on the streets for a while.  Basic costumes are outlined below, please add dark brown headcoverings/scarves/shawls. Several layers of clothes will make your costume more interesting.  Additionally, we would like your clothes to look tattered and torn, so it may be better if you buy these from a thrift store so you can cut and fray them.

Solid colours or small patterns preferred (no stripes).

Male characters:
Harem pants (see below for links) and an oversized t-shirt or collarless shirt in any of the colours above.
Please mix the colours up, and add a vest and or sash. Brown sandals.

Female characters:
Long flowing “peasant” skirt and peasant blouse in any of the colours above. To get a beige coloured peasant blouse, you could purchase a white one and tea stain it. Add an old looking shawl and/or a headscarf too. Brown flat sandals.

Kids size harem pants
teen/adult size harem pants