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If you have any questions about costumes for the current show, please make sure that you include the character that you are referring to, along with your child’s first name.

13 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi! My daughter Sarah is part of the ensemble and my other daughter Katelyn is a shopkeeper. Looking at the requirements I’m a bit confused as to whether they also need the Act 2 ensemble costume in addition to their long skirts and peasant tops? Thanks! Julia

    1. Hi Julia, the ensemble/shopkeeper and Agrabahns are all the same and require just the one costume. They will be wearing the same clothing for both acts. If they would like to add a headscarf and a scarf around their hips they can do that too.

      1. Perfect, thanks Andrea! We have the tops/skirts and have ordered a few colourful scarves as well 🙂

  2. Hi there. Can you please confirm the sandal type that you’re looking for? Back / no back? how important is the colour? could black possibly work?

  3. Hello,
    My daughter is playing Anna. Am I able to buy her an Anna costume rather than trying to find the different pieces?

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